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moon song v



my heart was white in the sky

white and veiled

by the heavy clouds but it was


the moon and,

more importantly, your moon.


I shone for you and

veiled myself for you

lest the light would be too much for

    one single night.


When dawn came

my heart watched over you then

took cover

    in daylight.

You were too far from home -

I could not get you there.


But I could bleed

some light in your path

and so I did.



I pull my twin out of the moon



I pull my twin out of the moon

taking hold of her hair as I do.

She is blind and mute, knows neither taste nor smell.

We have been looking at each other

across the distance

every night.


She slips through the folds and cracks

and holes in the moon

into my atmosphere.

She breathes as if under water.

Behind her

the craters close.

    “I have watched you always,”

    my twin sister says.

    “I have sent you the salt and

    watched you bathe in it.”


I say,

    “I cried.”

Drowned my face so

my tears could be

her tears.


My twin sees me not and smells me never.

We drift apart on this vast, dry earth.


As I am now

looking up at the moon,

I see a tear

in her fabric

where her hand has written my name.


I follow my sister across the planet.

We walk through deserts, cities,

across mountains

and to the shoreline, over and over again.

I smell her hair. I follow her steps in the sand.

She never turns and never waits for me.


I have seen her face

upon the moon

beneath the sea

and inside every beholding eye.


One night, she reaches up. She touches the moon.

She’s ready to go home.


I reach for her hair but

as I pull


leaves without it.

Adrift, we’re trying to hold on.

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